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Course programme

The Master Course of the University of Florence come from the scientific, technological and cultural peculiarities of the researchers and professors of the Department of Earth Sciences of Florence, which today represents the third Italian reality in the sector par excellence of research in the great Universities. The course is enriched and completed through a close scientific synergy with the researchers of the CNR Institute of Geosciences and Georesources. The students graduate in two years, substaining exams which, in the first year course, are offered among 30 different subjects of very high scientific and technological profile divided into four highly professionalized paths. The student completes his / her training, in the second year, through a professional training and the elaboration of a final project in which the candidate must demonstrate his / her professional maturity through the autonomous development of a scientific or professional thesis. The Master's Degree Program in Geological Sciences and Technologies (B103) of the Florentine University is structured to accept, without any formative debt, all three-year graduates in degree courses of the L34 class (Geological Sciences) from both national and international universities. Moreover, the Degree course offers completion of the training also for graduates in the classes of Cultural Heritage (L1), Civil and Environmental Engineering (L7), Territorial Planning, Urban Planning, Landscaping and Environmental Sciences (L21), Chemical Sciences and Technologies ( L27), Physical Sciences and Technologies (L30), Sciences and Technologies for the Environment and Nature (L32), Technologies for the Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage (L43), with admission following the granting of authorization by the Council of study course upon presentation of a motivated request and certificate of exams taken in the career. It is important to point out that for the granting of the clearance the formative debts could be contained on the basis of the knowledge acquired in the fields of the Scientific Disciplinary Sectors GEO, CHIM and FIS.




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